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Merry Christmas! Looking forward to 2022.

At the end of this week, we will once again celebrate the birth of our Saviour. What a blessing we have to know that because of Jesus, we have reason for great hope. I wanted to take a moment and thank you all personally, for your faithfulness to our church. It is my privilege to pastor Faith Baptist Church. I am looking forward to 2022. Looking for that "Blessed Hope". Stay safe, and have a joyous Christmas day with your family and friends. On Sunday the 26th we will have our normal Sunday school hour followed by the morning worship. There will be no afternoon service that day. Please pray for Ann Marie as she took sick on Monday evening. Cold-like symptoms, we have tested her for Covid this morning and the test was negative. So far I am feeling fine, just a bit tired from lack of sleep.

Merry Christmas.


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